What is Affiliate Marketing? How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing to me is basically the monetization of word-of-mouth marketing.

affiliate marketing

It’s a person or marketer getting a commission in return for referring a products or services to another customer.

Affiliate marketing has changed tremendously over the past decade as the internet has evolved and the number of canals have evolved, everything from social to email etc.

We’ve seen people, extremely novice novices kind of give it a go and start mailing emails out and to today where people are constructing entire audiences around specific industries and they’re becoming experts around those particular niche markets.

So, we’re appreciating influencers evolve that are recommending products and services that are not their own but they’re other companies but people go to them to get that info.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient forms of publicize because you’re only paying out and only affording that affiliate marketer commission when a sale has ever been established.

From the affiliates perspective, it’s fantastic for them because they may not be capable of constructing a product or provide a service but what they’re good at is building audiences and selling other people’s products.

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